Facebook advetising compaign - strange situation


As my FB ad campaign says, 50 people clicked ad and went to my site (I double checked, URL is correct, it leads to my site).

But in my Google analytics is nothing. No traffic from Facebook at all.

It should be reflected anyway now, campaign hit it day budget about 5-6 hours ago.

So I payed for clicks, but I recieved no traffic. What does it mean? I don't think that FB is cheating or Analytics are wrong...

What other possible explanations?

Advertising Facebook

asked Sep 1 '13 at 04:33
Joe Half Face
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There are Browser plugins available which "turn off" Google Analytics. I am not sure which niche you are in, but if you have aim at a technical niche maybe you have a lot of skilled users which have privacy plugins installed. Still, 100% of them is a bit high.

Another thing might be you just looked too early into Google Analytics. The tool will need its while to reflect clicks. Maybe you should check one or two days later. There is no "live-tracking", except the "live view" which doesn't reflect immediately on the reports.

The last thing I could think of is users clicked the link, but before the real redirection happened they realized their "mistake" and closed the browser. Redirection from FB to your site will take a while and it is possible.

I am assuming you have other users tracked with GA and your tracking code is OK. I would say the most likely reason is you looked to early into GA and after two days they appear.

That said, I have realized there is always a difference in traffic between logfiles, G Analytics, Piwik and Google Webmaster tools. Its not precise science, but seeing nothing at all would worry me so much that I would finally ask the FB support after a week.

answered Sep 1 '13 at 05:15
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  • yes. I think it works such way, that mostly clicking ad on FB people expect it to lead at in-facebook page or app. And then they realize that it opens in new tab, just close it before something is loaded... So probably useless strategy to use ad without FB site page or app – Joe Half Face 6 years ago
  • Yes, what happens after the user clicks needs to reflect their expectations. It also needs to happen quickly, so a chain of re-directs, etc may slow things down enough that they give up, especially if your site is slow, or GA times out, etc. – Steve Jones 6 years ago


Old old problem... pay facebook for X clicks .. you get Y "real" ones... You have to learn to make it work with those numbers. If it was just say 5-10% difference I'd be happy... it's never been that way.. it's usually off by a huge percentage.... go figure.

answered Sep 3 '13 at 09:37
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  • yep... it far from 10%. I have 90 clicks today and 10 actual visits. – Joe Half Face 6 years ago

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