What factors to consider when building twitter profile scoring system?


I am considering building a startup that provides a user with twitter profile score i.e. how good is someone twitter profile before someone follow them. I have basic consideration about what factors to involve, like:

  • followers a profile have
  • how many people they following
  • tweets per day
  • tweets quality
  • re-tweeting of their tweets
  • how good is their profile i.e.
    • does it include description?
    • profile age
    • does it have picture in it?
    • do they provide url in their profile description?
    • do their page include a background image?
these are the basic criteria I came up with but I am pretty sure that's not enough, it's ok to build the basic tool but for building an extensive profile scoring it requires extra. So I was wondering that anyone provide me with what extra attribute should i consider to build a really good profile scoring site for twitter user?

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asked Aug 25 '11 at 20:32
Safran Ali
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The first thing I would consider is how is the service you are offering going to be any better than the available options:

Your above seems pretty complete in terms of data you can glean, you could probably do with weighting frequency of updates of followers/following,
answered Aug 25 '11 at 21:02
Lloyd S
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  • yes I agree that this services are there but thats the whole point these days how you can revise a functionality to be more efficient in terms of user ... like one thing I notice about when I created check my account ... it came up with an answer that such profile don't exist but what actually happened that they don't have my twitter account in their DB so it was not real-time back then ... so making a real-time app to be provide such scoring is new thing ... and I am looking for such attribute to add in my start-up ... beside this it's more twitter app added in their list ... – Safran Ali 13 years ago


The question is how're you going to monetize this? I've often thought of creating something similar for free, which gives users a badge they can put on their website or blog, and that they can tweet about. The aim would be to promote a paid Twitter SaaS I run. For this, I would copy existing metrics, but make the graphics super-sparkly. So, in my mind, this would be part of a bigger marketing plan.

I think you should start by thinking about the bigger picture: what can you promote by creating this tool. After that you can decide whether you need super-clever metrics, or can get by with standard ones.

answered Aug 26 '11 at 16:47
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