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Should startups attract only new customer or should they not hesitate in stealing customers from existing players?

I am working on a startup and am currently in beta. Basically I have been looking for customer feedback and continuously improving the product from the feedback I collect. So far I have stayed...

asked Jan 18 '12 at 09:24
Solution Bender
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Writing a Company Profile for a early stage startup?

Some key aspects include: 1] Writing the product desciption (obvious). 2] Describing unique features of the product. 3] Adding some personality to writing. 4] Describing use cases for the...

asked Dec 25 '11 at 00:50
Thinking Monkey
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What factors to consider when building twitter profile scoring system?

I am considering building a startup that provides a user with twitter profile score i.e. how good is someone twitter profile before someone follow them. I have basic consideration about what...

asked Aug 25 '11 at 20:32
Safran Ali
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Geography in a social network

I want to make a global social network, in which users can search for nearby users. What is the preferred way to allow users to easily specify where they are located? Zip code would be accurate,...

asked Nov 12 '09 at 16:20
Joseph Turian
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"Which entrepreneurs have made $20mill+ in under a decade with a balanced lifestyle (no more than 50hrs work/wk)?

Do you think it’s possible to do it all? Myself and entrepreneur Martin Bjergegaard are making it our mission to find this out in hopes of writing a book outlining the lessons of our findings. We...

asked Oct 12 '09 at 17:17
Jordan Milne
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