Writing a Company Profile for a early stage startup?


Some key aspects include:

1] Writing the product desciption (obvious).

2] Describing unique features of the product.

3] Adding some personality to writing.

4] Describing use cases for the product.

5] Writing about the company's founders.

6] Avoid marketing-speak to make your idea sound more exciting

I want to know what is the standard template? How many more points do I need to consider while writing the company profile?

And is the company profile enough to pitch? or Do I need an Executive Summary?

Or Am I completely off track here?

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asked Dec 25 '11 at 00:50
Thinking Monkey
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  • Lots of questions in the same place. One thing I know is that executive summaries are great for long docs. Are you writing a business plan? – Pdjota 12 years ago
  • @pdjota No, not a business plan. A company profile suited for elevator pitch when the pitch is not in-person. – Thinking Monkey 12 years ago

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Thanks for clarifying, I have only experience with pitches in person where time is the key component in in-person pitches. Thus, I would merge some items: product description with 1 or 2 clear use cases. There is a reasonable book out there: http://www.elevatorpitchessentials.com/ Particularly he points out a checklist focusing on telling a story.
The most important concepts perhaps are: Concise & Clear & Consistent

I also like a lot a book Presenting to Win:The art of telling your story by Jerry Weissman. He makes emphasis on how you should develop your story, your pitch about your product.

http://www.amazon.com/Presenting-Win-Telling-Your-Story/dp/0130464139 Hope it helps,

answered Jan 17 '12 at 21:59
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  • Thanks for the tips :). Will be looking into those books. – Thinking Monkey 12 years ago

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