How to figure out new business ideas?

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I am trying to find new business ideas but I have not yet found one. How to think up new business ideas?

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asked Aug 1 '11 at 02:06
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There are a lot of pages that provide for free many startup ideas (a classic example is but you'll easily find several other pages full of ideas). Maybe you can get some inspiration there?

In the end, the idea is only the first step in your business and arguably not the most important one.

answered Aug 1 '11 at 03:02
Jordi Cabot
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  • +1 for providing the link – Bertrood 12 years ago


1) solve a problem for yourself... "need" is the mother of invention.

2) copy another idea... if you are good at executing. (Jordi's link)

3) immerse yourself in a specific sector of interest... "the best thing you could ever do for a job is match your skills, with your interests, with a market opportunity" --Tina Seelig, Director of Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program.

answered Aug 1 '11 at 03:05
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  • Good concise points Bertrood. I would put #3 at the top and add the word EXPERTISE i.e. sector of interest & expertise. I will argue that this is more important and often necessary in ADDITION to the other two. Given all else being equal, why me? - this question is important to answer in a business. – Siva 12 years ago

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