Where can I find iOS developers willing to join an early-stage startup?


I'm co-founding a startup in London and we're looking to find an iOS developer interested in working with us to create an early prototype.

I'm the technical co-founder, while the other founders are business and design respectively. I'll be doing the majority of the development work, but am looking for an iOS developer since I've not got any previous experience creating iOS apps and need progress to be fast.

I'm wondering where people would recommend we look for quality iOS developers or agencies willing to accept equity (or a possible salary/lump-sum) to work on creating a prototype.


asked Dec 19 '12 at 00:11
A Wonder
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  • I think you need to hit your personal and professional contacts more aggressively. You only need one. – Jeff O 10 years ago

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Have you tried looking around on dribbble.com (and design tagged iOS )? The fellas there are incredibly talented, and if personality matters at all to you - I think their personalities shine through their work. Quite a few based in London too.

answered Dec 19 '12 at 01:36
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  • does exist the same idea but for c++ programmers willing to join a startup? – Flow 10 years ago
  • @flow that's when you hunt on Stackoverflow :) I guess you have to be aggressive with contacting programmers, but the ones who are interested usually leave their contact info on their profiles – Michelle 10 years ago
  • good point, thanks a lot! – Flow 10 years ago


Given that IOS developers are in high demand & you have limited resources to pay market rate, it is unlikely you are going to be able to bring one on staff.

You can take a risk and go the junior/ in experienced route - but that rarely ends up good.

@michelles answer is good - Dribble is a good source. Attending a IOS meetup (london?) may also uncover some options.

answered Dec 19 '12 at 07:42
Jim Galley
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  • Thanks for this, I was actually thinking of just picking up some tutorials, knocking out the prototype myself and then getting somebody on when I've investment. It seems more plausible. – A Wonder 10 years ago
  • Sounds like the right path forward. Consider [justinmind](http://www.justinmind.com/prototyper/free-edition) or [fluidui](http://www.fluidui.com/) (others exist) to create interactive mockups. Good for feedback, fund raising & project bidding. – Jim Galley 10 years ago


I know your problem very well: I am also based in London and was in your situation in March / April this year (problem sorted itself out since I shut the project down due to insufficient market response).

I agree with @jimg - it is unlikely you will be able to hire someone at this stage (they have great alternatives and want to see you are already up and running...chicken and egg situation).

My advive is to have your MVP built externally to answer enough of your hypothesese and then look for initial funding once you have shown that you have validated it. This will dramatically increase your chances to get funding and also find a developer.

In the meantime I can help you with some developers who are based abroad - I help them manage their client relationships in the UK. They are based in the Ukraine and offer excellent quality at decent prices. You can get in touch with me here: matthiaslissner.wordpress.com

answered Dec 20 '12 at 03:52
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