Persuading software engineers to join a new startup?


I'm a non-technical founder who has been able to get by with outsourced consultants on ODesk for a while.

But now that revenues are growing, I want to hire one or two PHP coders onsite. I've posted on many job boards and browsed resumes on Craigslist, yet no luck.

How do you attract and persuade good software developers to join a one-man startup?

Recruiting Hiring Employees Startups Software Engineers

asked Jun 9 '14 at 18:10
Sonya Dave
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The reality is that when you're starting out, it's hard to persuade "rockstar" engineers that already work for companies like Google or popular startups. A better approach is to recruit engineers that fit the culture you're trying to create, and have drive to excel. Once your startup grows larger and it's value becomes more apparent, it'll be easier to attract candidates.

Here are some things that'll help attract and retain talent:

  • Have a great product whose value is apparent.
  • Think about what kind of culture you want to create for your company.
  • People love challenging work. So convey that when you speak to candidates.
  • Offer enough equity so they feel valued and as owners themselves.
answered Jun 10 '14 at 08:47
Patricia Wright
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Recruiting Hiring Employees Startups Software Engineers