How do I find a reliable Chinese supplier to manufacture electronic circuits for my product?


I have designed a prototype of my idea which includes simple electronic circuits. I would like to manufacture it in China. (yes ... because of the money)

I would like to know how it is to find a reliable Chinese supplier.
I need to know where to look for, how to make deals, should I do it personally or get a supply manager as a consultant to do it for me.

I am in the process of starting a business in Sweden, and this is my first time doing it.

I appreciate all the useful answers,

Thanks :)

Business China Electronics

asked Jan 5 '11 at 08:05
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2 Answers


I'd recommend looking for contacts on Users have feedback/reputation levels you can base your decisions on - and you can check with third parties to verify the credibility of any particular supplier.

answered Jan 5 '11 at 11:30
Henry The Hengineer
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Perhaps the best way is to travel to China and meet with the factory owners. This is the approach that Bunnie Huang took when looking for suppliers for his startup: Chumby.

answered Jan 5 '11 at 11:34
Nathan Farrington
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