How to find the, "right" legal aid for a non profit startup


I am working on starting a Non profit startup in Boston MA, and looking for a lawyer to talk to about the incorporation filing proces. Google searches return overwhelming amounts of results, and my founders and I are having a hard time qualifying who would be the best person to talk to.

So how do I determine which lawyer or firm is right for me, and if anyone can speak about their personal experiences working with lawyers while incorporating as a NPO it would be very helpful.

Thank you!


asked Mar 16 '12 at 06:58
Geoff Matheson
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Go to a few meetups in the next few weeks and ask everyone around. You'll get a bunch of introductions. Meet with those law firms, and pick the one you feel understands your goals.

answered Mar 16 '12 at 10:11
Alain Raynaud
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Incorporating a non-profit is very straightforward process so in that sense finding the right lawyer is easy -- any competent lawyer will do.

For you, I think the right lawyer is the one who will do it for free. Nearly all law firms have pro bono programs to provide free legal services. You should hopefully be able to find a lawyer who is sympathetic to the purpose of your non-profit startup.

I suggest sending an email to every big law firm in town (there might be 50) that explains the purpose of your non-profit and asking for assistance incorporating. These emails will likely get forwarded to a pro bono committee of the firm and hopefully you will connect with someone.

answered Mar 16 '12 at 22:31
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Fizzlaw is a pretty good directory of lawyers, they try to match you with lawyers that have experience with similar companies. I did a quick search for people who do non-profit law in Massachusetts and I've found this:

answered Mar 17 '12 at 01:45
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