Find legal document by a portion (content) of it


I'am about to start an IT company.

Among other things I need Terms-and-Conditions and Privacy-Policy documents. As far as I know I can get such by:

  • writing them by myself;
  • by a lawyer;
  • or buying them as template documents; [this is what I want to do]

I know what the content should be but I don't want to copy-paste from other websites, instead I would like to use the same content as theirs, but in order this to be legal first I have to find who sold them the documents and to buy these documents from the seller.

So for example if I have this content: "Cookies may be used to keep track of referred affiliate commissions and to monitor access to our website." I can find about 25k search results with Google (I checked the first 7-8 pages and they seem to be only privacy policy pages).

This means that all these 25k-1 sites are plagiarizing from the first site with this privacy policy or that this privacy policy is a template and all these sites are using it.

So, how can I find this template, or how can I buy it.


Legal Terms And Conditions Legal Documents

asked Jun 18 '13 at 05:24
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  • You are assuming they bought from a template rather than got their lawyers to write them - if you really do want to use this method then you need to go for a much less generic phrase. Evennthn I doubt it will bear any fruits though – Bhttoan 7 years ago
  • For inspiration and places to download ToS from, try scrolling through: Mortensen 7 years ago
  • Thank you guys for the pointers. Jason - you are right about the generic phrases (my lawyer told me the same thing) but I'm not a lawyer and I would not like to pretend that I'am one ;) @jesper-mortensen - I reviewed all 4 pages tagged with 'terms-and-conditions' - couldn't find what I need. – Basic 7 years ago
  • I think the question is very interesting - how to find (using google or something else) the primary source of a document (or file (text/binary)) on the Internet by a portion of it. I was trying with Google but they don't support descending ordering by date for a given phrase. Any other suggetions ? – Basic 7 years ago

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Assuming you actually want to be legally protected, and considering you're not a lawyer, you shouldn't be writing your legal copy, and you certainly shouldn't be copy pasting it from templates.

If you go down this path, the time you will wish you hadn't, you'll already be in a whole world of pain, likely costing you far more than talking to your lawyer.

answered Sep 3 '13 at 07:23
Nick Stevens
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The answer above, and your own experience, make it clear that you should just hire an inexpensive lawyer to do this for you. You're walking into a minefield by doing it on your own.

answered Oct 7 '13 at 03:56
City Entrepreneur
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Legal Terms And Conditions Legal Documents