Where can I find site or wordpress themes based on call to action?


I would like to find themes based on the call to action I need - for example, I need a theme with an email signup as the main call to action - any one know of a themes website?

Should I build one? lol

Note: Some template websites charge as much as 50X for sites using the themes for software - see themeforest

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asked Sep 23 '10 at 03:04
Bob Cavezza
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  • Isn't this rather off-topic? I think http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/ is a better place for such questions. – Txwikinger 13 years ago
  • Don't think so - this fits with lean startups - I'm not looking for a specific wordpress template, I'm building software, so I'd like a layout themes gallery to help startuppers find themes quickly and easily and help make testing a product idea easy. Think Tim Ferriss's model in 4 hour work week. – Bob Cavezza 13 years ago

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Check out Unbounce.com. Not Wordpress but super easy WYSIWYG landing pages. Easy to put CTAs on them

answered Sep 23 '10 at 03:40
Jim Shook
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  • I like their templates - wish I could download them without signing up for the service, lol – Bob Cavezza 13 years ago
  • @Bob: Unbounce has a free account. It is very limited, but you can sign up without a credit card. The free account isn't easy to spot...it's the very last row on their pricing table. – Zuly Gonzalez 13 years ago


Check out the FlexSqueeze theme.

I just googled wordpress themes squeeze page and found some good ones.

answered Sep 23 '10 at 03:43
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  • Not a squeeze page. Don't want anything affiliate marketing related in terms of landing page. Just a simple web 2.0 type interface with a space for a screenshot and some large text, some small text, a textbox for email capture and a submit button for "get started". THen it will take the user to the software. – Bob Cavezza 13 years ago
  • You just described a squeeze page ... – Martin 13 years ago
  • I think squeeze page has received more negative connotations to coincide with the traditional definition. http://www.squeezepages.com/ this is an example of a squeeze page. Not email signup. Compare that to http://www.tumblr.com/ and I'm sure you'll notice a clear difference. – Bob Cavezza 13 years ago
  • What is wrong with this "squeeze page": http://wordpresssqueezepage.com/ ? just add a picture, and it is what you are asking for – Martin 13 years ago


Found this:

http://www.optimizepress.com/ Seems to fit your description. A wordpress theme focused on doing the funnel.

answered Oct 24 '11 at 22:54
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