Once you find a VC/Business Angel or other, how long does it usually take to close the deal and get the money?


Imagine you found a VC or Business Angel or other to invest in your project something around 200,000 USD. How long does it usually take to close the deal and get the money? (A min-max and average estimate would be awesome)

Is it possible or common to set a date for completion of the deal, so that investors don't leave us hanging for ages to find out more about the direction of the company? (Since the more they wait, the more they'll know if their investment is a good or bad idea, so it s in their interest to let it take time).

Funding Venture Capital Angel

asked May 1 '12 at 23:02
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I've worked deals that happened basically over a weekend, and I've done ones where the process took over a year. There are just a bunch of variables. A big driver is the amount of due diligence that's going to be performed, and another is the extent of the reps & warranties in the investment documents. If it's a very early stage company, the process can move pretty fast if the investor and principals feel comfortable with each other.

As to completion dates, usually the term sheet will have a closing date. Even if it's not strictly stuck to, it serves the function of setting expectations.

answered May 2 '12 at 01:14
Chris Fulmer
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