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I am currently in the process of creating a gaming network, but there are 2 things I'm wondering about.

If I were to run multiple games, is it generally a good idea to give every game it's own seperate forum, each managed by an administrator? -or is it better to create sub-forums, and just keep all of the forums on one, long page?

Also, about the website. Do you think the websites should keep the same lay-out when released under the same network name?

Thank you for your time, any response is very much apreciated.

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asked Nov 11 '10 at 21:00
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This question is quite subjective, so it's not very easy to answer. In the end it's really up to you.

I suggest you check out other game / game forum sites for your research and maybe post some questions to ask its members.

Also branding is important even if you do different sites and same lay-out is important for usability.

Fizzy is a great example, they are an Australian startup that has been running for a few years and they are doing quite well. Their key selling points are:

  • A solid fan base of people who are loyal to the site
  • Good branding and easy to use site
  • Unobtrusive advertising

I've met the guys and they are passionate about what they do, I think this is the key. They actually want to make a better gaming experience, not just another game site.

Good luck!

answered Nov 12 '10 at 07:57
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  • Thank you for your clear response, it's not often I actually like the response I get, haha. I have done some research, and there are alot of sites with just 1 forum, divided into parts for each game. While it is múch easier to manage this way, and safer, it actually scares off new users. When I first went to that forum for a certain game, the first thing I saw was the name of another game, which was a little confusing. I guess I was hoping someone could give me reasons nót to use just one forum, but it's just better for maintainability. – Stark 13 years ago

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