General cost per click (CPC) price in developed countries?


I know this question is a bit artificial, please don't explain me the concept, etc. because I am a professional senior e-marketer. I was just wondering how much do you think one general link click (not really targeted in any ways, except from maybe language or country) is worth. So, say I have a very general website (like youtube clone, or dating site, whatever) and I would like to attract attention of 1000 people (meaning get 1000 clicks). How much could I be charged for that in your opinion?

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asked Mar 1 '11 at 11:19
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  • I think this is an excellent question! I have noticed that the community here has problems, with questions that are general and asking for initial overview information. The asker will know that the answer might be 50% inaccurate, but sometimes 50% inaccuracy is better than not having a clue. If the answer seems to be close to a price, which will make it worthwhile to advertise, THEN one can go on and ask a more specific question. Such questions should not be closed. – David 13 years ago
  • @david perhaps this is true - the community does this - no idea - i'm new. but THIS particular question is impossible to answer given the information provided. – B0x0rz 13 years ago

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because the question is super general, but i am not allowed to argue that it can not be answered (see comments), then my answer is - between $0.01 and $1000 which is the only correct answer anyone can give given the information provided.

why it is impossible to answer it?

So, how much will embarking on a
Google AdWords PPC campaign cost? The
average cost for AdWords PPC varies,
depending on the competition, industry
and keywords involved. The average
click could be as low as $0.50 , or go
up as high as $80 every time someone
clicks on your advertisement. The
reason for such a broad range is that
some terms are much more competitive
than others. Keywords like “mortgage”
and “real estate” are highly
competitive right now. However,
specified terms like “pet fence in
Albuquerque New Mexico” are not as
popular and won’t cost as much to
include in your PPC campaign.

Optimum7 is a Google AdWords Certified
Company, and based on our experience
with clients, the average CPC campaign
with Google AdWords is around $3.50
per click.

however this $3.50 is super general and not a representative sample, and it is therefore impossible even to give a percentage of statistical error 1, 5, 50,99%? anyone's guess.
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  • -1 For not answering the question, but arguing against the necessity of it. You could do this in a comment, not an answer. – David 13 years ago
  • @david - sometimes the correct answer is THERE IS NO CORRECT ANSWER. – B0x0rz 13 years ago
  • I have changed my vote from negative to positive. 3.5$ is probably a vastly inaccurate number, but if one assumes that his price would at least be lower than this (because he would probably not buy the most expensive words), then he has something to use for a calculation. He could then calculate whether paying 3.5$ and his estimated conversion rate would make this profitable. If he expects this to be profitable, then he has all the information he needs, if not he needs to ask a more specific question, and get a less general answer. – David 13 years ago
  • +1 especially considering that most people who use ad agencies vs in house will be much more expensive brands already and likely paying more for their clicks. – Kort Pleco 13 years ago


I would say it all depends on the network and volumes you are looking at, for developed countries my last bulk campaign averaged $0.12 a click from 'search' And around 0.08 from 'other' sources.

These other sources are usually social media clicks sold on bulk, completely untargeted besides the country.

Then you can also buy by 'hit' with general e-mailers that at the end it would run you at about 0.03 per click.

I hope this helps.

answered Jun 14 '11 at 06:04
Ale Focardi
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