How to get name recognition for your startup?


I was wondering what is a good way to get your company/yourself a known name? Meaning that there obviously several methods to achieve popularity and to provide people a good quality so that they would recommend your company/you, but what are those ways judging from your experience/knowledge of real examples?

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asked Nov 17 '10 at 01:09
Denys S.
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  • You might want to use the phrase "name recognition" in your question somewhere. It took me a moment to parse what you meant, and I imagine it might be harder for a non-native English speaker. – Hedge Mage 13 years ago

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Hopefully a marketing type will chime in here, as I'm no expert, but here are some things I've done in building my Drupal consulting firm:

For personal name recognition:

  • Speak at conferences, write/edit books, give interviews...anything to get your name in print.
  • Blog with consistent frequency (how often matters a little less than that it is predictable).
  • Use your full name as your handle for the internet services you use (Twitter, etc.). This is one thing I probably should have done but didn't: as many people in the tech world know me as "HedgeMage" as they do "Susan Stewart" and it can be confusing.
  • Show up in person: conferences, local meetups, etc. let you get face time with others in your industry, and give you exposure as well as the contacts you'll need for speaking engagements, press interviews, etc.
For company name recognition: This depends a lot on who you are trying to build name recognition with. A consumer product will approach this in much the same way an individual would: social media, etc. academic, government, and b-2-b is different. I'll let someone with more marketing chops get into the specifics.
answered Nov 17 '10 at 01:52
Hedge Mage
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Submit to startup websites for review
Run some contests on Facebook
Giveaways for some activity

answered May 2 '12 at 16:09
Krishna Reddy
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For a company: Build a brilliant product, that people want.

For a person: Network, be useful to others, connect people (with care).

answered May 3 '12 at 05:28
Nick Stevens
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The simple answer is to start blogging ASAP.

Other ways to get noticed:

  • go to conferences, meet-ups, and networking events
  • seek reviews from bloggers
  • seek feedback from industry experts

I wrote a blog post about Startup Marketing and Getting Recognized, it's a bit more detailed -- and worth a quick read.

answered Nov 17 '10 at 05:27
Jeff Epstein
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