How do I get users to sign-up to my product that isn't launched yet?


Whats the best way to promote your website if still in beta? I have a sign-up page for anyone who wants to create their own social trivia game, but the platform hasn't launched yet. Where can I get people to see this page and sign-up?

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asked Jun 2 '11 at 08:27
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The good news is right now there are several sites that want to help you do just what you're asking.

  • is run by a very friendly and helpful guy, and his web site/twitter feed/email blasts reach thousands of people.
  • LaunchRock is building some helpful tools that encourage viral sharing (to some degree) of your sign-up page, with people sharing the news about your startup in order to get a higher position in the beta invite list.
  • BetaCandy promotes startups to their audience by way of special offers (kind of like Groupon for startups).

There are many avenues to explore. But there's no substitute for working hard and making a good product that people want to use and want to see succeed.

Good luck!

answered Jun 2 '11 at 09:54
Adam Wright
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  • I'm currently in the middle of configuring my LaunchRock acct and its pretty simple stuff. Simple but nice. And effective. – Sam 13 years ago

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