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I need to do some web based demos to customers of our product and are looking for a good product to use. I've used gotomeeting before but I think that it feels a little to non-serious.

What are you using and what's good that you know of?

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asked Oct 29 '09 at 16:29
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  • What makes gotomeeting non-serious? I've tried dimdim and a few others, then gotomeeting, and for me it blows the others out of the water. There are some confusing user experience issues w/ dimdim, but overall gotomeeting (for me) is super simple. The one issue is that viewers have to install software to run it. Can you give specifics on why you don't like it? – Alex Cook 13 years ago

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Not sure what your pricing requirements are, but WebEx is the standard most use.

If you want something half decent in the free to cheap range, Lets PowWow is a good alternative.

answered Oct 29 '09 at 20:43
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There is DimDim which is an open source web conferenceing platform.

I'll second the vote for Camtasia, it's a great tool.

Avi Bryant does a fantastic 8 minute pre-recorded demo of DabbleDB It is great template to show customers the wow features of your product.

answered Oct 30 '09 at 01:16
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0 is an excellent product for online conferencing and possibly for demos as well and its free for up to 20 users. Its also very easy to use.

answered Feb 26 '10 at 22:09
Gary Valan
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I also think gotomeeting is a good product - I used it for numerous presentations and didn't see it as an unprofessional product. Sometimes the client software gets tangled up in the firewall configurations, though.

Can you provide some insight on what made you feel that gotomeeting was unprofessional?

Another good webinar / demo service is calliflower. They have a freemium model, and if you are running demos with 15+ members, it can be cheaper than many of the other services.

There is a no cost option - why not google docs? You can upload a powerpoint slide (or create a presentation online), invite people, schedule a conference call ( can help out here) and then present to them using google docs (no presentation app download needed). That could either be interpreted as cheap or cutting edge.

answered Feb 27 '10 at 01:57
Jim Galley
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Assuming you don't want to do a live demo, you can use Adobe Captivate and record a demonstration of the said product and then place it on your website.

There are also cheaper programs, like Camtasia Studio.

answered Oct 29 '09 at 19:00
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Our sales team is currently using WebEx and Live Meeting for live demos. We are actually dumping those next month and moving to GoToMeeting. The pricing model for GoToMeeting was better (meaning that we had more control over costs). Plus, we had a number of demo sessions with our sales team and took a survey on what package they would prefer. The result was unanimous. Everyone liked GoToMeeting. I'm the CTO and so I don't use it that much myself, but I didn't think that GoToMeeting was unprofessional or non-serious.

Anyway, it's just one team's opinion, but we liked it.

answered Oct 29 '09 at 19:40
Del Putnam
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Might as well throw out the free program Wink It let's you do screen captures and recordings, then the program allows you to make notations and control the flow of the app.

I'm not sure what you mean by "non-serious". If it's image you are after, I'm surprised Gotomeeting isn't working out, but I'd second the advice for using WebEx or Live Meeting as alternative solutions that portray a more corporate feel.

DimDim is great, but has that "open source" / "free" website thing going on that may not present the image you want with your customer base. (Based again on your non-serious note).

answered Oct 30 '09 at 01:49
Ben Mc
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