I have an idea and made the MVP! How can I get fund and commercialize it?

I have an idea and made a working proof of concept (MVP). Its a solution for organizing data and could be used in from Enterprise Digital Assets Management systems to home computers.I am looking for best way to get fund, develop and commercialize it.
Based on my knowledge, I see these three potential solutions:
  1. Open Sourcing the solution and get funded from open source incubators. I don't really like this solution, because It takes a long time for solution to get mature and there is long road before making any money from it. Also many legal and similar issues may arise and at the beginning, I think it needs a huge investment.
  2. Using KickStarter or similar websites to crowd funding solution. And after that make a company, create a team and develop the final product. This solution have some advantages like getting fund without having force of investors, potential of making a buzz into community and getting attention. And have some disadvantages of being an indie, like solving legal issues alone and...
  3. Make a proposal and send to big companies which may be interested in. This solution have some advantages like instant funding and having the power of a great company behind, but have some disadvantages like missing companies for bad presentation or lack of interest. And also, I don't know how should I find right person in a huge company and how should I do presentation? Should I go there or sending a video presentation is enough?

There is for sure more advantages and disadvantages for above solutions, but these are what came to my mind.

What do you think and what is your suggestions?Is there any fourth solution which was hidden from my eyes?What are other advantages and disadvantages of each of the above solutions?

I am kinda technical person with years of experience in developing custom solutions for my customers. But I was never in place of being an entrepreneur and I think my knowledge in this field is really nothing. :-/ But this idea could change the way of my life, I was refined it for some years and now I have something which work, and could be presented as proof of concept.

Thanks for your help :)

Funding Ideas Presentation Fundraising Getting Fund

asked Aug 9 '14 at 10:18
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Funding Ideas Presentation Fundraising Getting Fund