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I'm a newbie blogger and I'm bit confused to see the people craving for Alexa ranks.I've got nice Google PR for my blog.Despite good PR Is it really necessary to build up the site or blog to match the Alexa's standards.

If yes then how can I improve the Alexa's ranking.Can any one suggest me.

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asked Oct 1 '11 at 20:00
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  • Why not to build you blog to match the readers expectations not the Alexa one? Do you really care what number will Alexa show near you domain name? – Ross 12 years ago

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Alexa measures how 'popular' your site is, mainly based on the number of page impressions (page views) you have.

So having a high position on Alexa's ranking roughly corresponds to having many visitors -- which is always a good thing. But you don't 'do things' that improve Alexa ranking in order to gain success. You 'do things' that gain you success, and then your Alexa ranking automatically increases.

answered Oct 1 '11 at 21:07
Jesper Mortensen
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  • Thank you so much for the suggestion. – Internetearner 12 years ago


Alexa site traffic measure is not accurate and worthy enough because;

  • Alexa counts traffic stats based on the searches and page visits from those users who have already installed Alexa Toolbar
  • Alexa collects real-time visits-data from ISPs as well

On the other hand, Google PR is comparatively more accurate than Alexa because it collects information from every site on the internet and assigns a PR based on numerous ranking factors embedded in its algorithm.

If you want to test Alexa accuracy, just install Alexa toolbar and keep visiting your website for about 50+ times in a day. This exercise will help you shoot up your Alexa Traffic Rank in just one week :)

But on a serious note; if you are getting traffic from external resources, more potential leads are being generated and subscribers are converting into customers then it all all you should care about. If you are losing traffic, spent your energies on SEO and search engine marketing technique rather than relying on stats given by Alexa or any other relative tools.

answered Nov 1 '11 at 06:37
Usman Sarfraz
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Alexa isn't important. "Conversions" are. (A conversion being something that you wanted your customer to do). As Jasper mentioned if you get more visits to your site, your Alexa ranking will go up. However I'd spend more time working on squeezing the "juice" from each visitor and opitimising my site to do so with A/B testing and building sales funnels.

Take 2 scenarios

1) 1,000 visits a day and you get 10 "conversions" (sales / sign ups / enquiries / bookings whatever). Nice Alexa Ranking too.

2) 200 visits a day and you get 20 "conversions" ... Much better.. but no where on Alexa.

I find most SEO companies, marketing companies are only about option 1) ... That's useless. Option 2) is way more profitable... but takes more work, knowledge and dedication.

Everyone can see an Alexa rank... No one but the site owner will know (if they track) what the conversion numbers are.

Focus on conversions :)

answered Nov 1 '11 at 12:55
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Assuming the fact that you are a blogger and you might use adsense to monetize your site, Alexa becomes important to you as it gives you a motivation to keep pushing hard. Once you cross that "New Blogger" Tag it will never be a significant thing to you as that will anyways be good for you.

answered Dec 19 '11 at 23:03
Alexa Day Rank Analysis
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  • Removing reference URL - There is no reason to direct traffic towards your business website using a forced and irrelevant hyperlink. – Usman Sarfraz 12 years ago
  • Spammers are so annoying. – Ross 12 years ago

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