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What's the fastest way to get an application built and submitted to the app store?

We're willing to pay a development house (or individual, though we prefer teams). We'd prefer to use a domestic house than outsource to India, China, Taiwan, etc.

Suggestions welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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asked Aug 18 '11 at 01:16
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  • No matter how much quickly you do it, apple will take a long time in approving the app ;) – Happyhardik 11 years ago

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This is probably not an answer you expect.. but from experience, I will tell you that the "FASTEST" way to get an app developed regardless of whether the developers are here or India or Estonia :) is to have a VERY WELL DEFINED SPEC with USER STORIES and sufficiently thought through UI layouts etc.

If you have just "ideas in your head" it will take you a long time and $$$ to get the app done.

If you can manage your product requirements well, then even a decent developer(s) will get your app done in no time... In most cases, time is consumed in poor specs leading to the app not doing what you want it to and you spend a lot of time iterating and being disappointed. I have used local design teams and some hybrid teams. Same thing holds true. If you are in the bay area call Halosys. They did some work for me and I was impressed.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!


answered Aug 18 '11 at 16:06
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  • Thanks Siva. We have a concept, wireframes, and a app that we would like to model our app after. I'm in NYC, so Halosys might not be an option. Do you know of an east coast competitor? – User12764 13 years ago
  • Agree with Siva. – Anurag 13 years ago


I use a service called It lets you receive live bids and communicate with providers before selecting. The reason I use elance over others is because a lot of domestic providers are on elance (significant price difference though).

Just post your project, require they are located domestic, verify that their dev team is actually located in us.

Review their project management system as well for communication.

Or... you can hire someone to deal with communicating with the outsourced company.

If price is an is issue, depending on what your app does, there are new technologies that allow web developers (not just programers) to build apps such as Titanium and Appcelerator. If this is ok it drastically lowers prices as you are using a different skill set. I can verify for that since I am writing apps in Appcelerator and I do not have the normal apple Xcode experience.

answered Aug 18 '11 at 06:31
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I would suggest you Google around for a local iPhone application developer or development company. Using a local company will have many advantages since you can sit down and meet with them, see what they are thinking, write on paper, draw on whiteboards and really work through logistics and situations.

My company uses appcelerator now for a lot of mobile apps. For relatively simple applications we can do them in about 1/10 the time we could previously. It's a great framework. PhoneGap is ok, but I prefer appcelerator.

Good luck! Go local :] - assuming you can find someone decent

answered Aug 18 '11 at 14:04
Ryan Doom
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  • Hi Ryan - How much support does Appcelerator provide? Can I provide access for external developers to build in Titanium? – User12764 13 years ago
  • I've found the Appcelerator support to be just fine. We have a paid account though, so we get access to the 'premium' forums. Not just the public question / answer. Overall we have found the experience great. We haven't done any game dev in it, but it's great for business line apps. I think they are supporting OpenGL soon though if you want to do games in it. Providing access to external developers should be easy. You can still use github or some source control to collab on code. – Ryan Doom 13 years ago

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