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Does anyone know if there is any way possible to find revenue statistics for iPhone apps? I am aware of how secretive Apple is with the App Store but is there any way even if its not very accurate?

I would just like to see by category and time revenue streams for different apps and make comparisons.

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asked May 13 '13 at 05:43
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  • I have never personally heard of anything like this. Likely it doesn't exist unless a company that develops the app publishes the information. And in reality, there is really nothing that says just because app A made X amount, and App B made Y amount, that your App will make Z amount. Apps are a crap shoot. – Randy E 9 years ago
  • This information can give an insight to trends though. Why a crap shoot you think? – Dimitris 9 years ago
  • Because each app is different, even if there are 3 apps doing the same thing, their sales will be different. It's not really a good bearing on analysis. – Randy E 9 years ago

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There's no analytical data out there that can possibly tell you how much a certain app or certain category makes versus another.

The only data available is the iTunes App Charts. From there, you can research the application and the company that devleoped it. From there you can see if the company makes their sales public (most don't) or can check the companies history.

If you see that they have expanded with 5 new team members in 6 months, you know they have made a substantial amount of money already. Or, if you see that they are gaining venture capital funding, you know they are heading in the right direction.

Just a strategy that I've found to be obvious but the only thing you can really do.

answered Jun 6 '13 at 15:09
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