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I know many questions with same subject has been asked, i am asking this question after reading many of them.

I am working as an IT person to keep doing my day to day expenses but there is one idea keep popping up in my mind and being in IT, its quite natural that it is something related to web world.

Initially I shared this idea with few of my close friends and they seems same excited with it but eventually they were not able to find time for it (may be not interested at all).

After doing some insight though, I came to this conclusion that, a person has to put forward an effort to start the things as people are only interested when they saw something in it.

My question is, its not possible for me to give my 100% time to it, how to keep yourself motivated to keep working on it.

I am sure many people here have gone through this path and emerged successfully.

All valuable thoughts are welcome here

Motivation Focus Incubators

asked Oct 11 '12 at 18:55
Finding Nemo
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  • *its quite natural that it is something related to web world* - ummmm. There are quite a few other things out there. – Karlson 10 years ago
  • Well maybe he doesnt want to sabotage his career. – Andrew Smith 10 years ago

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My best advice to you, try to meet other people who are on the same path. When I went down the entrepreneurial path, it was hard to keep moving forward and stay motivated. I quickly found that when I hung out with other people going through the same thing, I would receive a bump in motivation and drive. Entrepreneurs and innovators feed off of each other.

I think that is why incubator programs are so effective. You put a bunch of people who are on the same path in a building together. They talk to each other, they build off of each other, they feed off of each others energy. They become more than a sum of their parts.

Working solo is HARD. If you can find someone else who shares your dream to work with you, you will be more than the sum of your parts. If it is the right person. If you choose an "Eeyore", you will be worse than working alone. Is there a startup group in your area? Perhaps a meetup for entrepreneurs? You will need a support structure around you to make this work and there are many places to find it.

answered Oct 12 '12 at 00:24
Need A Geek Indy
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  • Thanks for the inputs, they helped me to get a clear idea :) – Finding Nemo 10 years ago


I found the best way to motivate myself is the burning desire to succeed. The sense of "there is NO future if I don't get this thing successful" is the best motivator.

I think sometimes, people get lazy due to a good job they have. That's why you don't see a lot of IT professionals get off their ass and startup a company. Most often, it is not because they don't have the talent, but because they just don't have that need.

Adverse situation could be the single best thing in your life. If you know you don't have a backup plan, you would just charge forward and make it happen.

So I would say, get yourself out of the comfort zone and just do it. If you don't have time to work on it, MAKE TIME!

answered Oct 12 '12 at 16:48
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Well if you have this question poking around "what would be if", the best way is to create it and discover what is it; most likely for the first time you will learn that there is something similar in existence already, once you have the complete picture.

There is no question about the fact, that because you are working alone you will have to sacrifice yourself, hence love towards what you do is a must, and you really need to be self-dedicated to it.

Going with the most optimal path, you will have to create processes, infrastructure and procedures by which you can work towards achieving the greater goal, ultimately all your ideas would unite into the single website, by which you will reach enlightenment.

Precisely speaking, you need to establish a fully functional framework which is the way you are going to materialize your idea and stick it it. For example, Visual Studio, Ruby on Rails / Ruby Mine, PHP / Nusphere, and you shall use cloud platform with automatic build, configuration management, and you shall take advantage of cheap cloud servers from AWS, Rackspace, HP Cloud and Windows Azure, make your website scalable, as well make sure that you are very happy with what your website do.

And when doing social networking, you shall remember that facebook has two faces - one, which is the analytically designed profile, and second - which is the wall with timeline. By combining these two into one, you will discover the final truth how to implement bond with the machine, the cloud, yourself and others.

Also, be careful with sharing your business with wrong people. You will need to actually try at least 10 people to actually find one which can have shares in the same business, as for the startup.

answered Oct 11 '12 at 23:25
Andrew Smith
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It depends. I have a family and a day job, but I continue to work on my side project, mostly for fun, because my day job is not very rewarding, and also because I want to learn the new technology I'm using.

I also am hopeful that it may become a successful business.

Finding time is difficult. I work on it from 10pm to 2am every night for the past 2 months.

The biggest motivator for me is when I get a new user.

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well, i'm a desmotivated person...but is sth natural in me, since i was a child. but 4 o 5 years ago I decided
to find a solution for my problem, and dude, the best way to increase my motivation was:
-try to keep fit ( i know that seems stupid, but your brain works better, i promise)
-mark small objectives, maybe in your job or in your own project..but be flexible don't hit yourself if you can't do some objective, but tried hard ok?
-make good friends, people that give you good energy, if is necessary change your job (if you can, of course)
-and be a good friend help anothers person with is code problems or something like that..
-and finally believe in yourselve, always, everyday, everybreath your mind can change your way of thinking.

i hope it would be helpful.
sorry for my bad english, i'm trying to improve. :)

answered Oct 16 '12 at 23:23
Zao Tao Bao
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It's understandable that your innate resistance to change is affecting your motivation. My advices are:

  1. Think about how you would feel if you learn tomorrow that someone else has implemented your idea and become successful. That's what you're waiting for right now. So jump in and work on your idea
  2. A day job can be very addictive, but tell yourself that change is inevitable. I'm not encouraging you to quit the job, YMMV, but it doesn't harm to think about it.
  3. Maybe the idea needs a little re-thinking. Maybe you will find the motivation when you find an idea good enough to pursue. The best thing to do at this point, is try to list what all could go wrong, and try to address each of the concerns individually. This will also boost the confidence you have in the idea.
  4. Read to find Inspiration.
Edit I used to be in the same boat until a while ago when I jumped in and started hacking on the idea. Ideas dont sell, Implementations do.
PS: I quit my job a week ago and am sitting in the garage coding. Hopefully, things will turn out well. Good luck to you.
answered Oct 13 '12 at 07:05
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