What are the key factors in the initial promotion of a lean startup?


I've made my first effort to promote my soon to be released mobile application, by making a landing page for it and posting to reddit.com and now, stack exchange.

The application is a special kind of eBook reader. What can I do to promote it in the short term? In general, what can one do to promote their new SaaS application without breaking the bank?

Saas Promotion Mobile

asked Nov 28 '11 at 03:49
Tom Dignan
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Wihout paying a single penny, you can effecively promote your SaaS based application using some reputable 3rd party websites that review your product/app for FREE. It will bring quality traffic towards your website in a quick succession . Find the list of tehse websites below.

Regarding other promotional opportunities, I would suggest you below some SEO 2.0 techniques that can help you reach your targeted clients.

  • Blog heavily and write mainly about the main features that your application provide.
  • Moreover, try to build a viral-marketing circle by engaging enthusiast bloggers and reviewers to speak/write about your application.
  • Then furthermore, create interactive videos/demos to let potential clients learn about what features are supported by your products/services, how they are unique and why they should consider you.
  • Make use of social media and social + professional networking channels (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon) and try to connect with the targeted audiences, bloggers, users, companies and groups etc to get the social community engaged. Please note that social channel can generate swift results for you and your message can reach out to the walls of hundreds and thousands of potential users/clients.
answered Nov 28 '11 at 04:45
Usman Sarfraz
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I just don't see how your SAAS (requires an install?) is different from the other major sources of ebooks. It's focused on people who "really" like books. What problem are you solving for them? Can I combine all of my iBooks, Kindle, Microsoft Reader, and Adobe books in one place with one reader on a website that is always accessible from any device with a browser? That would be useful. The book club capability is interesting. There's nothing here that makes me want to tell all my friends about it.

What response do you get when you mention this to your bibliophile friends? You do know people who are big readers and need your service, right?

answered Nov 28 '11 at 07:55
Jeff O
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  • It doesn't require an install, but you can install a front end if you like. – Tom Dignan 12 years ago

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