What kind of offers can be given to customers when the price of your site is free?


I made some bugs on my site recently that were pretty bad. It is just part of a new release, but I am sure people are not happy about it.

What kind of things can I do for the users of my site to make them happier? My site is free, so I can't really give a discount.

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asked May 24 '11 at 05:19
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Own it. Start with a sincere apology. That means saying prominently, "We really blew it and we're sorry", not blaming someone else or some kind of impersonal "mistakes were made" kind of thing. It will be better yet if you say "I" by name rather than "we". Sincerity is a great gift and it is so seldom offered in the commercial world.

answered May 24 '11 at 07:18
Kenneth Vogt
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  • I know what you are saying, but from my experience I can say that no one gives a care about my apology :)))) The first thing I always do is the sincere apology. – Genadinik 13 years ago
  • @Genadinik, I realize you want to do more and I hope some suggestions will be forthcoming from the community. But don't sell your sincere apology short. It makes a splash and splashes make ripples. – Kenneth Vogt 13 years ago


How many people are we talking about? My answer is based on the assumption that it is a relatively low number, and thus economically viable for you.

You have a hiking website, why not send them something hiking related? And if it has your logo or URL on it even better. The first thing that came to my mind was a backpack, but I'm not into hiking, so you can probably come up with something better than me. I'm sure there are plenty of relatively inexpensive niche hiking products.

Another idea is to donate a certain dollar amount to the charity of their choice.

Here are a few other questions that may spark some ideas:

What's a great gift for awesome customers? What is the best material to hand out at a conference/networking event besides your business card? What is the most memorable swag you've received? Reward customers for bugs reports? Swag & Giveaway Advice!!

answered May 24 '11 at 10:05
Zuly Gonzalez
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