Price quote inquiry - best way to answer and find more?


I just received an inquiry about a price quote for a large amount of Users for our Online Suggestion Box tool Vetter, from a local government employee. He simply asked for the quote, no other info.

The old, naive me would have given him a price quote straight away, but the slightly more experienced me knows that I need to find out a bit more and also demonstrate value/reduce fears and hopefully persuade him to arrange a demo, with my answer.

Is there anything else I can do? Judging by the brevity of the email and the style (no 'hi' or 'regards'), I'd guess it's a pretty junior person who's doing some research for their manager. (I can't find him on the interwebs/LinkedIn).

Pricing Sales Customers Enterprise Saas

asked Oct 22 '12 at 20:26
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Given that you have a pricing page up there, they'll already have a ballpark figure in their head what they're expecting you to ask. My personal view would be to taper the $1/user price tag down as the user numbers increase.

The only other thing I'd suggest is try to find out what the expenses budgets are for the various management grades at this organisation. If there's a middle manager that can sign off 5k a year, for example, and your quote was looking to be about 7-9k, make it 6k and let them ask to knock it down to 5k.

Each additional manager level required for authorisation is generally a tough step to justify. If 5k is just too cheap in that example and the next authorisation level is 25k, screw it, drive down there, play golf with the them and quote them 25k.

answered Oct 22 '12 at 21:42
David Benson
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  • Thanks David. I'll first have to fly 15 hours to get to any golf course near them though! :) – Dmurtagh 11 years ago

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Pricing Sales Customers Enterprise Saas