Which lesser-used social media channels could trend this year for marketing?


In your opinion, which social media channel (except FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) could likely trend this year? For both B2B and B2C marketing.

Marketing Social Media Trends

asked Mar 24 '14 at 14:13
Lawrence Farwell
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I'd say SlideShare for B2B. Several reasons why I think so:

  • Good medium to quickly digest information. Visual and succinct.
  • Traffic is exploding at SlideShare so you'll reach a larger audience.

For B2C, the two big ones will be Vine and Instagram.

answered Mar 24 '14 at 18:48
Patricia Wright
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Definitely Google+.

It has a huge number of user base already. But, compared to the bigger ones (Facebook and Twitter) it still lags behind.

My reasons would be:

  • It is already starting a trend. Slow in traction but constantly growing.
  • The user base are more of professionals, brands and companies.
  • The Communities are an excellent platform for discussion and sharing.
  • It's widely integrated with Google Search (which most companies are focusing online)
  • In addition to the above point, Google is year after year (update after update) putting more weight into it.

Those are just the things on top of my head.

answered Mar 26 '14 at 06:47
Carlo Borja
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  • +1. I do see Google+ picking up as well and I had discovered really large and dynamic communities on this platform. The openness of communities makes for a really good marketing channel. – Webbie 10 years ago

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