How to look for foreign customers via E-conmmerce?


I am now developing foreign market on bussiness of paper packaging products, like folding boxes, blister cards, brochures etc. You can refer to our website link text. Maybe a litter simple, i will improve it lately. I am now confused by how to develop overseas business. My boyfried assists me in SEO, while not that familier with english SEO. Is there any advice to develop foreign customers?

Foreign Customers SEO

asked Oct 12 '10 at 16:12
Jora Niu
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  1. Make Your website rank high in major search engines on targeted keyword. (SEO) Don't let novice to do it, hire professional company.
  2. Join related forums, blogs, article websites & share thoughts with them. Remember to place your link in footer.
  3. Do e-Mail marketing, PPC, Blogging, Article Marketing.
  4. Give your WEBSITE a PROFESSIONAL look.

You can email me if you need references to get work done.

answered Oct 12 '10 at 19:02
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  • Yes,i am trying to approach what you suggest. Now it is an initial stage, and not that professional.So I am asking for help.Thanks very much! – Jora Niu 13 years ago
  • If you need my help feel free to contact me. – Kashish 13 years ago


I don't think that just relying on the internet to get new business from overseas is an effective strategy. is a good starting point, but to develop customers you need to actually contact people personally. Visiting strategic trade shows in your target country may be an effective way to do that.

Also, concentrate on making your website customer focused so it talks less about who you are and more about what you can do for your customer. It would also be worthwhile (if you want to trade with English speaking countries) to get a native English speaker to edit your text on the site so it flows better.

answered Oct 12 '10 at 22:16
Susan Jones
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  • Appriciate your reply. Yes,i am very interested in what potential customer exactly needs to know about us and our customized paper products. Could you kindly please give me some tips? As for the text itself, i will try hard to make it flow fluency. – Jora Niu 13 years ago

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