Looking to sell my reporting tool application


I've built a fantastic reporting tool that can be sold to small to medium size companies.

ReportingMate is the only reporting software I know that doesn't use report designers and allows developers to provide live, interactive data to users.
Basically it makes the life of developers and business users much easier.

I put a lot of effort building the application and comes complete with source code (C#), detailed manual and web site. The application is ready to be sold right away. I even have the payment gateway setup.

I realized I can't sell it myself lacking the necessary experience and energy.
I'm looking to sell it to someone that can promote it and make money out of it.

What are my options here?
What should I do?


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asked Jan 22 '12 at 08:13
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  • Does your reporting app api have the ability to trigger the execution and emailing/create file for a report through a scheduler? Some reports are more for notification. – Jeff O 12 years ago
  • Jeff, this feature was on top of the list to be implemented. Is very easy to do it thought. – User15860 12 years ago

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A value added reseller (VAR) in your area may be interested in branching out or converting into a software company.

It's common for software to include a third-party reporting tool. You may find a software company that is looking for a simple alternative that suites their users.

Another approach is to look for companies that sell software widgets or plug-ins. It may take some rebuilding of your app to make it more of an add-on than a self-contained application. You're already using the .NET stack and probably know a few of these providers (DevExpress.

You may need to build up a user base before anyone is interested since your tool is so different from the ribbon band report designers.

answered Jan 23 '12 at 05:10
Jeff O
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  • +1 - No matter what, the op is going to need a user base. There are too many people out there building software without having a marketing plan. Very few third-party companies will just randomly buy software with no known reputation. Thus, this isn't like taking a shirt back to Walmart with a receipt for a refund. :). Good point on the VAR as they may be interested, but they still aren't just going to line your pockets without some convincing and marketing efforts on the part of the op. Great answer! – James Mortensen 12 years ago
  • @jort253 - I felt the reporting app market was pretty established, but after looking at the website, this tool is very different. – Jeff O 12 years ago
  • @Jeff KO.. Thank you for recognizing ReportingMate's value. Is really very different than any other reporting tool, that's why I've created it. You gave me some great ideas though... Are you in sales & marketing? I can use a partner instead of selling it. 8-) – User15860 12 years ago
  • @user15860 - Definitely let us know how this works out for you. It sounds like you have a great product. You just need to find a way to get exposure for it :) – James Mortensen 12 years ago


Here are some suggestions:

1 - Hire a Marketing Consultant to help you come up with a marketing plan. A consultant with experience in marketing can help you formulate a plan to get your product out to your target market. They can also help you determine who your target market is.

2 - Use social networking. Many new software products are marketed through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and other networks. Create a Twitter account with your product name and also create a Facebook page for your product.

3 - Build a website. I assume this goes without saying, but I put it here for reference just in case it's not obvious. However, what might not be obvious is that you probably shouldn't try to do this yourself. People do better at what they specialize in, and building a great website involves a great content writer, a great web designer, and a great front-end coder. Most of us can not do all 3 -professionally-. Note the emphasis on the word "professionally".

Having a good website is key to making your product look like it has social proof and is not something someone slapped together in their basement :)

4 - Advertise on Google Advertising on Google using Adwords can help drive traffic to your new website.

5 - Blog Content is king. The highest ranking websites tend to be those with the most relevant content, and blogging is a great way to build content for your site. Use Wordpress or Blogger to create a blog for free. You can also have your web design consultant build a design for the blog too so it matches your product and website branding!

answered Jan 22 '12 at 12:48
James Mortensen
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  • All good advice - but didn't answer the Q of "I'm looking to sell it to someone that can promote it and make money out of it." – Ryan 12 years ago
  • Exactly... I want to sell it to someone else to make money.. If I could sell it myself I would have had done that. – User15860 12 years ago
  • Assistly was recently purchased by Salesforce. Assistly didn't just sit in their basement and wait for Salesforce to come along. They first had to prove that they had a great product. How do you propose convincing someone to give you money without any marketing efforts? You'll still need to do some marketing, networking, and put some effort into this. No one is just going to knock on your door holding a wad of cash saying "Hey, I heard you were selling some product no one's ever heard of and I'd like to put large amounts of my capital at risk." – James Mortensen 12 years ago
  • I also want to add that you might be getting ahead of yourself. There are companies you can hire that will help you market your product; however, the advantage of the marketing firm is that they don't take on the risk. Once your product is proven and there is a solid user-base surrounding it, then it will be much easier to find someone to take on the risk in exchange for the reward. :) – James Mortensen 12 years ago
  • jmort253 All your points are valid but as I explained I don't have the knowledge AND energy to do this. I want to sell it to someone that can and is willing to do everything you describe. It looks like you know a lot on this topic. Why don't you try? 8-) – User15860 12 years ago

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