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I have a website with an integrated Web service (an app for card divination online). Age of domain is already almost 2 years. Naturally, I wanted to make my site popular. First I submit my app in the link directory. And the effect was good. But then I mistakenly ordered the services from one 'SEO expert'. He just spammed my site for blogs, forums, etc. As a result, now the site has only 20-30 visitors per day. It is very little for a unique resource.
Perhaps Google specifically lowers the SERPs for my site. How is it possible to check and how to get rid of this?

Thank you

Google Apps Spam

asked Apr 6 '11 at 04:35
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I think you have to work on your SEO. It will take time: few weeks to several months. Your market (fortune telling I understand) is, I think, quite competitive because it's a big market (based on the volume of search, from Google Adwords Keyword Data).

I recommend studying keywords, search volume, and competition for the given searched keywords.
There is a great video here about the SEO tool Market Samurai: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/webinar-replay-100623/ This blog has lots of advice on how to get more traffic, and the blogger shares interesting data about his revenues.

answered Apr 21 '11 at 19:36
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