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I have a paid B2C web app. I'm currently running a trial model but I'm working to convert it to the Freemium model after evaluating the potential gains and losses.

Although my conversion rate is low, I believe my product is viable because I already have 9 paying subscribers since I launched it in early June.

What I really need now is to drastically increase my site traffic to scale it. Currently, I'm getting 100 unique a day.

My short-term goal is to achieve 1200 consistent daily unique. My long-term target is 2500 daily unique which will satisfy my revenue goal for this niche startup so I can fund a more ambitious project, assume my current conversion rate can hold up.

I tried inviting bloggers to try my products but didn't get much replies. I achieved better result by going to forums to solicit feedbacks. However, many places disallow marketing even though I was willing to offer free access to their members.

I could try to write blog posts but I doubt there is much I can write about related to my niche. I want to give to the community but not sure what I can give.

Any other marketing ideas?

Marketing Freemium Bloggers

asked Jun 29 '11 at 14:19
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Check this out: All these bloggers charge you about $100- $300 but its worth it as you get excellent traffic. They will love you even more when you give out exclusive license to their readers.

answered Jun 29 '11 at 19:53
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  • Thanks for the links! Do you hire a copywriter to write your website content like features and etc? My content is lacking because I'm not that good of a writer nor enjoy writing. – Nick 13 years ago
  • Yes. we have a content writer + SEO specialist at my business which helps a great deal as I am a bad content writer myself. – Julia 13 years ago

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