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Looking for developers (companies) in the mobile applications area who can comment and hopefully give examples of the best marketing strategies for mobile applications. Please only comment if you have first hand experience of what works and what does not.

Thank You

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asked Dec 4 '11 at 01:30
Hristian Kambourov
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  • What kind of app are you looking to market? in which market? What is your business model? Without more information, giving you answers would be rather useless to you. – Ron Ga 12 years ago

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Your strategy is going to depend on your target audience. If you are making a game like Angry Birds then you will probably use a different strategy then if you are doing something like business type apps: Evernote, Dropbox, Omnigraffle.

You market to people so it's critical to know who those people are.

Some ideas:

  • Find people discussing similar apps on Twitter using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
  • Submit your application to tons of app review websites
  • Submit press releases to relevant industry websites (where your target market would go)
  • Contact key business Associations, business groups, or hobby groups that could use your app
  • Give away free copies, run a sweepstakes, or some sort of online buzz generating activity
  • Find people who follow competing or similar applications and market to them
  • Build an amazing product and people will promote it for you

But your strategy is going to depend a lot of your product.

answered Dec 5 '11 at 13:09
Ryan Doom
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Use social networks like Facebook and Twitter, submit your app to the review website, write the press release and publish it on PR websites, create a demo or a slideshow and publish it on Youtube and Slideshare, start discussions and leave comments on forums and blogs, write an article about the app on your corporate blog and promote it. You can also gather the e-mails of your potential customers and send them a newsletter.

answered Dec 4 '12 at 21:59
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