Marketing web products to small family practice doctors?


I have a web-based tool that I'd like to market to small private practice doctors. I'm looking for traditional journals and other forms of advertising that would target these medical professionals.

There's always the route of cold calling and doing business the traditional way but as my background is in social advertising, am looking for more "efficient" methods of reaching out to doctors.

The product is a SaaS planning tool for doctors. Thanks in advance!

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asked Jan 8 '10 at 19:18
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Great question. I'm actually in the same position and looking the same answer (except my SaaS application is not ready yet).

When it comes to traditional marketing I'm thinking:

  1. Currently I'm thinking to advertise in a couple of business specific magazines for the first 4 to 8 weeks. In your case it would be journals/magazines aimed to practice doctors. It's very difficult, and expensive, to get a real correlation between the advertisement in the journals/magazines and sales or traffic to your site, so I'll just use it to say "Hello World, come to see what I have".
  2. I'm also thinking on a direct approach. This means piking up the phone/email and have a personalized message/talk (not "one size fits all" spam kind of message) to present the product. This is risky because it will look like an outbound phone sales campaign and we know that everyone hates it. So it will have to be well though.

For online marketing, I recommend you to read Inbound Marketing by Dharmesh Shah, one of our hosts here.

I also recommend you to read Getting feedback from lost sales, a question posted here.

answered Jan 9 '10 at 01:42
Fernando Martins
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