How much does it cost to create a game such as ESPN streak for the cash?

Hi, I'm researching everything about ESPN Streak for the cash game, since I'm planning to create a game of the same nature. I am more of a business guy, and don't know much about programming and i'm trying to know how much it would cost (approximately) to create it. I need this for an estimated cash flow. Any help or advice other than the cost of it is greatly appreciated as well.

Getting Started Venture Capital Cash Flow Programming Online Game

asked Jul 7 '14 at 15:13
Nicolás Fernández Llorente
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I would depend on a lot of things. A better way to estimate would be to first write a complete feature spec first. And then put it up on sites like ODesk and Elance and get contractors to bid on it.

You will get some very low ball offers but those aren't necessarily the right choice (they usually aren't). On ODesk, a decent programmer can run you around $20/hr. Go with ones that have established feedback and have put in 1000+ hours on the ODesk platform.

Another option is to get a technical co-founder (or even just an advisor) who can help fill in the gap -- and at least help you avoid pitfalls.

answered Jul 7 '14 at 18:15
Chrissie Gray
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Getting Started Venture Capital Cash Flow Programming Online Game