How much does nice office space cost in Seattle?


How much does office space for startups cost in Seattle? I'm thinking of nice places for startups, like Lake Union South, but also places like Bellevue and Kirkland. What are the options?

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asked Dec 14 '09 at 11:42
Joel Spolsky
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We rent here at around $15/sf gross. It's not South Lake Union but not far from it. Our space is a nice loft space but definitely not Class A. Here's a pic.

I haven't looked in about a year or so but South Lake Union itself has some very nice brand new class A and more under construction. Prices when I looked were in the neighborhood of $20-22/sf but most of those spaces were too large for a startup (they are looking to rent out a floor at a time). There are some older buildings you can find for $18/sf. When I looked I could not find a space small enough for our business but at this point they may be willing to divide as well as drop the price.

For small groups there are also cheaper options such as renting a desk from Office Nomads which runs for $475 and includes Internet.

answered Dec 19 '09 at 03:17
Oleg Barshay
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  • Not class A ? It looks like an attractive workplace to me ;) – Olivier Lalonde 14 years ago
  • @olalonde Thanks! I love our office but in the real estate world it's considered a class C space (for example, the structure is wood and there is no A/C). – Oleg Barshay 14 years ago

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