How much is my website worth?


I want to know, from a purely programmers/developers point of view, if you had to pay build this website, how much would you ask to do it? The site is Some features:

* Built on Drupal

* Advanced Mailing Manager (send mass mail etc)
* Stores and sends invoices plus keeps track of payments
* Can connect to facebook and a variety of line networks to send messages
* Send messages to "friends"
* Site stats on profiles
* Twitter connectivity
* Cart solution (accept subscription payments)
* Showcase products
* Profile with: events, photos, blog entries etc
Hours spent on the site? I have no idea. A LOT. I spent the larger part of two months working on it, and I'd like to think of myself as a bit of Drupal expert. So yes, it was a lot of work.

So, in your professional opinion, what do you think is the value of the site? Or better yet, if you were a developer and you were asked to build this site, how much would you ask?

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asked Mar 27 '10 at 01:23
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Are you asking for replacement cost, or are you asking to value it as a business? I know little about Drupal and without going through the site, I would guess that if it is fully functional its replacement cost would be a few thousand dollars ($3K - $5K) at best. It's probably worth more as a business, but you would want to have customers on the platform if you intended to sell it as such.

answered Mar 27 '10 at 05:13
Ev Conrad
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  • I just want a replacement cost. Or estimate on how much it would cost to develop. :-) – User2940 14 years ago


Just based on the information provided above and a brief scan of the site, this could probably be built for about $7500 CDN, give or take. A basic Drupal-based site can be built for $3,500 including shopping cart functionality and some customization of the themes. The additional features would be on top of that, probably about the same as the basic functionality.

Since you're asking, if you're looking for a quote, get in touch with me and I'd be happy to give you a more precise estimate.

answered Mar 27 '10 at 05:02
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  • I'm actually a partner in that business and I want my partner to buy met out. I'm trying to decide what is fair. I didn't mention all the features, and personally think it's a at least 8000 CDN, but your input is really helpful. I'd love to get more prices! :-) – User2940 14 years ago
  • Without knowing all the features, obviously it's difficult to come up with an exact price. But if you're looking to get bought out, then there's more than just replacement cost - there's the ideas invested in there, the emotional energy, etc. If you think there are some features that would push up the price a bit, as for $10K, and see what happens. You're not going to be that far off the replacement cost if you do that. – Elie 14 years ago


Its worth as much as you can squeeze out of your partner.

answered Mar 27 '10 at 06:37
Doug G
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  • I actually do care about the partner, and want to know what is fair. – User2940 14 years ago
  • "fair" is not a business word. – Ross 14 years ago
  • Ross - I disagree. It's just it's misapplied all over the place and means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Being genuinely 'fair' in your business dealings is arguably a prerequisite for long-term success, and has the added benefit that you get to sleep at night. – Steve Wilkinson 14 years ago

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