What part of your marketing efforts failed in 2013?


Would love to hear what things people tried last year that failed. And what are you planning on doing different in 2014?

For me, it was Facebook ads. Their performance was abysmal.

Marketing Facebook

asked Feb 11 '14 at 16:44
Edward Marra
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Infographics didn't garner the results we expected from our inbound marketing efforts.

We had much more success with other strategies.

In 2014 my goal is to do more of what worked last year:

  • Creating guides
  • Guest posting

Guest posting is not going away, even though Matt Cutts has mentioned it as being a gray area. It never appeals to me when Google authoritatively says they frown upon decades old marketing strategies that didn't have anything to do with spam. Guest posting is more than just link building, it's more about sharing your expertise with someone else's audience. How can that be gray /black hat?

As years go on, I have learnt to ignore what any SEO authority says, and do more of what I feel helps create a great brand.

answered Feb 11 '14 at 18:18
Chrissie Gray
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