How people may react if you ask them to join your "hospital" for internet ingorants?


I came with an idea, it is mainly a small internet company that will help and guide people with no or little experience with computers and internet.
Something like e-learning.
My main problem is not if this is an idea with potential, but my problem/question is about the name of it.

I thought of a really nice/clever name, available for registration and is a combination of two words. Not too short, not too long.
If you see/read the word, probably you will think that the registered people that use this site need help, a guidance. Not in a bad way, not bad intentions. They need your help and this site offers the way to get in touch with computers and internet. Something like the hospital for users with no internet experience. They are no stupid, but they need help.

I thought of having profiles for the users with their custom nickname, for example My question is if should I go with that domain.
Will people feel somehow embarrassed to take part in this, or share their "personal page"?

Or do you think that is all a marketing issue and it depends on how well you sell your product? may win even "elite" people?

Thank you for your guidance, opinions and answers!

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asked Dec 18 '11 at 05:58
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The word school seems to be a better fit here than the word hospital. When I think of a school, I think about learning, self improvement, education, experienced teachers, etc. When I think of a hospital, I think of pain, emergencies, drugs, disease, depression, and so on. So I'm not certain if you used the word hospital as a rough example or to state one of the two words you have in mind, but I thought I'd give you my reaction to hearing that word in this context.

As for having your company host their profiles, I like what Ryan Doom said before me: "I wouldn't want it publicized that I had joined a website for people who are computer ignorant." There are already ways to get people online using existing popular services: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Why not help people learn how to sign up and use those services, and let them publicize those URLs?

answered Dec 18 '11 at 13:10
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I guess I wouldn't want it publicized that I had joined a website for people who are computer ignorant. Like stackexchange / stackoverflow, etc are all places people go to ask questions and get help but there is nothing in the name to belittle the person.

But a lot probably matters on the name and what type of feel it has when you get to the site. Like ComputerDoctor.domain/ryandoom wouldn't in any way be offensive or demeaning if someone saw it.

But if it's a site where people need help, can pay for help and you help them I'm not sure what the social aspect / profile page would even be needed for or why they would share that. If it's a community based thing where some people need help others give it ... and profile pages are like stackexchange profiles then I don't think the site name matters much.

answered Dec 18 '11 at 12:38
Ryan Doom
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