What physical marketing material do you use?


I am just wondering what physical marketing material people are using.

I originally wasn't planning on using any, however I have often had the need to hand something to someone that was interested. I am not keen on big brochures or pamphlets, and they are also hard to have with you.

So far I have made business cards that are just for my software (they are not a business card with someones name on it, just a card with details about the software).

What do you/have you used?

(The context is a SaaS web application)

Marketing Promotional Material

asked Oct 19 '11 at 12:36
Joel Friedlaender
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Depends on your market and their expectations.

In some industries there is an expectation of a "sell sheet" or a "cataloge." In others there is an expectation of "more information you can send me" which can be either (a) a blow off or (b) I would like to drop something on my boss' desk with my hand-off. In either case i like to control the look and feel and therefore I have printed material. Three fold brochures are a standard handout in some context. A full investor packet with custom folder is needed in others.

I always assume that the PDF's I send will be printed by someone who does not have full command of their printer, and then copied poorly. They are designed accordingly.

All of our physical marketing material has been designed for both electronic and physical distribution. There is not content which is unique to the physical format. That way I can make sure that the physical pieces I create can be done quickly and in response to a direct market demand.

answered Oct 21 '11 at 13:25
Joseph Barisonzi
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