In promo material, what can I put besides "Contact Us" when it's just me?


In a few weeks, I will launch a marketing campaign for a product I've created. I will create a promotional YouTube video with voice-over work.

My inclination is to close the video with "Contact us for more information."

But there is no "us"; it's just me: a developer with a dream.

Is there a way I can tell potential clients to contact me that sounds better than "contact Ray for more info"? :P

Or should I completely omit the "Contact us" part and make it implied?

Certainly they would know to contact me if they are interested, right?


asked Nov 21 '12 at 04:44
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  • I'd just leave it at what people are accustomed to: "Contact Us". In your case, I guess you'll be using the royal "we". – Frenchie 11 years ago

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I don't see anything wrong with using "contact us". Most people won't think twice about it, as that's what is normally used. Plus, the idea is to eventually grow, so hopefully some day there will be an "us". Also, if you end up outsourcing small tasks that means it's more than just you.

Saying "contact us" at the end of the video is a nice call to action, so I wouldn't omit it. If you don't like using the phrase "contact us", how about a variation on one of the following:

  • For more information contact: [your contact info]
  • Contact [company name or DBA]
answered Nov 21 '12 at 05:00
Zuly Gonzalez
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