Please suggest how I can establish a relationship with young startups in US using Social Media?


We are an young startup whose target market in other young startups and SME's. We intend to provide them with service like blogging, link building, content research and other activities that will help them to constantly create buzz about their business.

Now we will like to connect with other startups and entrepreneurs running these startups and discuss with them what they think about our offering and get their feedback

It will be great if someone can suggest the best possible ways to connect to these startups using Social media or any other format of comunication

Thanks for you time and response


Outsourcing Social Media Relationships

asked Feb 18 '11 at 05:35
Beginning Steps
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  • So how are you going to provide a good social media outsourced product if you can't answer this question already? – John Bogrand 13 years ago

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As for finding startups online, you might want to do a simple search on Twitter,, and wefollow for those who have the words entrepreneur, startup, or founder in their bio. You could also search existing /startup lists on Twitter.

There are also a couple of startup/entrepreneur specific communities for networking, such as Sprouter & EFactor.

The above are all free, but if you're willing to pay, you could get a premium LinkedIn account that allows you to search for people according to their industry, seniority, company size, and other advanced search options.

answered Feb 19 '11 at 07:59
Danielle G
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  • thanks for your reply. Is there any startup lists in services like listorious? Or we need to create our own list – Beginning Steps 13 years ago
  • You could search for lists on, or search through existing lists other users have created. [Feedbackersbiz]( has an extensive Entrepreneurship list, which has lots of founders who might be interested. – Danielle G 13 years ago


you will need to clarify your target market.. Startup is a broad term. It is very different to try reaching startups that are doing their business online, and therefore are very accustomed to online. Those guys you will fine in forums, conferences sites, VC sites, Angel groups sites and things like that. Do you search based on target industries as you will find specialized site to list them. If you are targeting startups that are more traditional like a Boulangerie, a restaurant or a barber, that might want to advertise online or might need your services but doesn't really make a business of it, it becomes much much harder because you will certainly need a local presence. You have to become visible to them so they can find you (SEO, Forums, blogs, etc..) and really pay attention to your link building and keyword targeting in that regards.

Let us know

answered Feb 19 '11 at 05:29
Antony P.
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  • As of now we are intending to work as an outsourcing partner for internet/technology statups who are net-savvy but might need additional assistance apart from their own team of dedicated resources. – Beginning Steps 13 years ago

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