Where to post job for early stage startup


We are bootstrapping and offering equity. We're seeking a front end developer.

We posted on startuply.com but are looking for other places. We used one location on craigslist. Anywhere else we should list our job opening?

Development Equity Employees Startupvisa

asked Dec 18 '11 at 04:29
John Deer
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  • Use your network. Ask your friends. Ask your friends if they can recommend any of their friends. – Mike Nereson 12 years ago

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It depends on whether you're looking for a co-founder or an employee. Offering equity instead of a salary may make it a bit trickier to post your job on traditional job sites, but here are some ideas:

Other things to consider are:

  • If you have a blog, post an announcement on your blog.
  • Ask on social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. If you published a blog post on your job offer, share a link to it as well.
  • Ask your current network for referrals.
  • Go to local meetups to meet new people.

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answered Dec 18 '11 at 05:34
Zuly Gonzalez
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Development Equity Employees Startupvisa