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I have been meaning to get on with my idea and first thing - the domain for its website. Naturally it was already taken, could not come up with alternatives.

Given my supposedly non web-browser centric kind of business (I'm going to make some mobile app which will ultimately deliver information, so the site could be also browsed for info, blog entries, etc), would it be a safe practice not to choose a .com domain ?
So instead of having barge.com I am thinking about bar.ge. Hmm...

Thank you!

Web Naming Domain Mobile Apps

asked Feb 18 '12 at 03:09
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  • Please search for similar questions here. – Ross 11 years ago
  • This question has been answered many times on this site. Take a look at the linked thread, as well as http://www.brightjourney.com/q/important-com-name. If you search the site you will find many other similar questions. If you have a specific question about this topic that has not been asked previously, feel free to post it, but please do keep in mind that feedback on specific names is off-topic. – Zuly Gonzalez 11 years ago

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People and even browsers expect you to be a .com. It's just a fact of today's network life. After all, no one would even think of going to pep.si and they have serious brand name recognition.

The "big ones" for commercial types are .com (but register .net and perhaps even .org as well), .info, and .biz. However, due to marketing and other pressures, .com is the de facto standard in the domain business.

Note also that ICANN is approving numerous other top level domains soon (TLD) but I doubt any of those are worth holding out for, and you'd not get a TLD on a shoestring budget.

answered Feb 18 '12 at 05:02
Michael Graff
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  • you mean like this one http://www.tungle.me ? – Kellogs 11 years ago
  • I'm not saying you can't get people to use your pun-style domain names, but it's been my experience that people would try "tungle.com", then go "huh, google for it" instead. – Michael Graff 11 years ago

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