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We're making a different approached and kinda niche web and mobile project and planning to release our private beta release at the end of January.

But I'm confused about our user register strategy.. As you know new trend is openId, loging with facebook, twitter, google, linkedin or others..
It's obvious that easy for user, and presents a fast growing way for new startups with using a step on other popular social media sites..

But on the other hand, I just dont like the sites which have option login or sign up with others.
There are pretty much reasons I have. First of all It seems cheap in my mind and I tought that they're doing nothing different what others do.
Also I feel that yeap It's new but why I'm sharing my facebook profile which full of information related or not with a web site I absolutely no idea what they're or whether I like or not. And also It's not easy to follow which web sites I'm using with my other social accounts..

So result I think I should have my own sign up way.. But what do you think about it? Maybe I'm missing something..

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asked Dec 2 '11 at 18:34
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It really depends on what functionality your site will offer. If you have a social element, and the site is better if your friends are using it, then you need FB integration. If your site is not social, and needs to feel secure, for financial or health services, then FB can hurt you (though you still need to figure out how to market it and become viral).

Is the mobile part of your project a native app or a mobile site? In mobile it seems (though this needs to be proven) that people don't like to type, so a simple integration would be useful, however, in most cases the integration is a pain to the users, since the interface is bad, and you find yourself locked out of your FB/LinkedIn account (this has happened to me as a user in several applications).

I guess the best way to figure the answer to your question is to do some split tests, and see how real users react (it will be better then any answer you can get from "experts", since it will be real life data)

Good luck!

answered Dec 7 '11 at 18:46
Ron Ga
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  • It's all based on social elements.. People will use it (if it succeed) because their friend and people who follow will be there.. Mobile part have mobile site and also application.. I got the point you're talking about but choosing integration would be like twitter has a facebook login, because basically they're on same market.. I'm not saying that we're the next facebook but you know what i'm talkin about :) – Tylerdurden 12 years ago
  • Creating a new social graph when FB already has 800M users (500M of which are happy enough with it to use it every day) seems very hard. It is much more likely that I will see my FB friends doing something then friends on your new site. Yes, you can import address-books and mass invite friends, but social is just a layer, it shouldn't be the focus. Focus on your service rather then on competing on the users attention against FB. – Ron Ga 12 years ago
  • thank you, that's really helpfull. Especially "social is just a layer, it shouldn't be the focus. Focus on your service rather then on competing on the users attention against FB" should be point.. – Tylerdurden 12 years ago
  • Glad to help! I just came across Gigya, which might provide the solution you are looking for: I haven't used them myself, but they seem to have the social layer figured out very well (including, but not limited to the login process) – Ron Ga 12 years ago

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