Replace my uploaded iPhone app with a different one?


I released an iPhone running app two weeks ago. When I discovered a bug that only cropped up in the App Store version, I immediately pulled it from sale. Sold maybe 3 copies before I spotted the problem.

We're ready to try again. Should I create a "new" app ("Roadbud" instead of "Roadbud Pro") or a new version?


  1. Get featured as a new app (the only marketing support Apple provides until you're popular)
  1. Risk rejection from Apple (for duplicating original app)
  2. Delay on getting more complementary review codes (for bloggers, etc)


PS - I've asked Apple about this, but received no response.

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asked Apr 9 '10 at 21:00
Mike Schoeffler
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2 Answers


My take is to put up a new version. You did not change any functionality other than fixing a bug. I assume that you already had some blogger reviews and those review will be dead links if you change the name.

It does not sound like the upside of Apple doing a feature is worth the hassle of releasing a new app.

For the three people that bought it, I would give them a free upgrade and maybe use that as a marketing opportunity.

answered Apr 10 '10 at 01:59
Jarie Bolander
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I don't believe you will benefit much from the "new app" promotion from uploading as a different app - the effect is minimal if you have no other marketing muscle behind it.

Submit a new binary under the same application, use the same description, and the version notes field for the bug notes. Only the three who got it will see that bug note, and every new customer will see the whole description.

answered Apr 11 '10 at 10:43
Hector Ramos
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