What is the revenue model of websites like stackoverflow.com?


The question includes all websites under stackexchange.

If someone wants to create a website like this what revenue generation models are there?

Business Model Website Revenue

asked Jul 26 '13 at 22:29
Gaurav Goyal
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  • It doesn't necessarily need revenue if there is sufficient VC cash to support the burn rate until acquisition. Alternatively, there may be adverts, but I suspect that a lot of visitors have ad-blockers, at least for some of the sites in the network, so the revenue yield per visitor may be lower than expected. – Steve Jones 9 years ago

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Based on their own contact us page. They are selling candidate & job listing services. Just think about how many people are pouring their knowledge into stack exchange based services. All these people have accounts and all these people have their information saved into stack exchange. So if any of us go looking for a job or are open to being approached by head hunters and a like well stack exchange can connect us.

This model is much better than say monster.ca or other CV services as we are put to the test asking and answering questions that potetnial employers can see and judge us on. Of course traditional non flashy advertising as well.

1.Display Ads

2.Job Postings

3.CV database search

4.Probably others I can't see from the outside looking in.


answered Jul 27 '13 at 00:39
Ross Mann
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