Seeking Cheap Ways To Host Videos

Possible Duplicate: What's the best way to integrate video without using bandwidth on my website?

Ok...I've posted a similiar question like this but there's a twist.

Who and/or what is the cheapest way to host video content within a current website ?

Please be considerate as I wish to gain information from ONLY those that know through their own experience (no geusstimating puhhlleeaaase)

  1. If you host a website and use a 3rd party Host/Storage and/or a CDN then I'll assume you might just be able to answer my question.
  2. Using non-professional Hosts (like youtube) is out of the question due to video content being extremely sensitive and copyright material.
  3. So in a nut shell all video can not be viewed by the public
  4. My current web service is members ONLY so no one is able to access member details or video content outside of my network

Thanks everyone, hope to get some seriously good information (pricing of the services would be good please, including links if able)

cheers again

p.s. 3rd party Host needs to have the best uptime and bandwidth at a cheap budget. lol hey I might not get what Im asking but it doesnt pay to not ask !


asked May 5 '11 at 18:47
Jodi W Von Oettingen
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1 Answer


  • We host one of our membership websites on Hostgator VPS (we have zero downtime with them till date and have been with them since 6-7 months) and all videos are on Amazon S3. With S3, you will only pay for what you use. Since it seems you have a membership site you can configure the options under Amazon S3 such that your video links will auto expire after a specified time period and people will not be able to share the video links with anyone else.
  • If you can spend some extra money and looking for out-of-the-box video analytics too, check Wistia. Wistia will be more or less plug-and-play solution while with S3 you may need to invest some time understanding, configuring various options.
  • You can also check my profile, where I have listed some resources for startups and the script we used to create our membership site.

Hope that helps. All the best!

answered May 5 '11 at 21:36
Ankur Jain
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  • yes....great reply and thank you very much. Not sure on needing analytics but the tool could be of some use. Any idea on what your average payments are using all these tools ? I understand the S3 issue could be up and down but an average would be nice please. And thanks again I'll check out your thread...oh ! I just realised where did you get your media player from to show the videos and was it cheap ? – Jodi W Von Oettingen 13 years ago

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