Seller´s Permit in Delaware LLC for Non US resident?


I have recently received my Delaware LLC papers from my registered agent,I am a non US Citizen nor residetnt,the Delaware LLC can be own by non US Citzens with sole propietorship and has no sales business intention is buying from wholesallers and have them ship to Mexico customers, sometimes they would ship to the border(Texas Border) to the customer customs broker and sometimes the goods will be ship directlly to the customer, meaning that I will not even have a warehouse or see the merchandise all is virtually buy and sold.No Physical precense in the US at all.
How can I need or obtain a sellers permit to buy to wholesallers within the US and at the same time to get a Seller´s Permit I woul need a SSN# ? since I am not US citizen I don´t have one, Or do I need to prove them somehow to the wholesellers that Delaware has no sales tax?
Almost every wholesaller ask for the sellers permit also called sellers licence
I will appreciate your support


asked Apr 26 '13 at 10:17
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  • Delaware has a business license, is that what you need? – Littleadv 10 years ago

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Sellers permits (resale permits) are usually for states which have a sales tax. The purpose of having a sellers permit is two fold. 1 is you report your sales to the state (you collect sales tax from your customers and give it to the state). 2. You dont pay tax on items you purchase for resale (you dont pay tax on inventory).

California has Sales tax permits through BOE. These are also know as Sellers permits by some folks. When you have a BOE Sales permit, you can purchase inventory from most sellers without having to pay tax. ALthough most INC to INC inventory transactions never ask for your Sellers permit because they know if they are selling you products for resale you are not subject to sales tax. CA also forces you to collect tax on your retail sales (customers within CA) and forward that money (plus a big ass list of each county and tax rate) to the state. Its really a pain in the ass, and a good reason not to deal with states which have a sales tax.

Talk to your vendors. Your LLC in DE should be good enough to purchase items for resale. You might need to get yourself a customs broker to deal with the Mexican Border and other shipping and customs taxes issues you might run into.

answered Aug 28 '13 at 11:02
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