SEO Supercharger - Fact or Fiction?


I've been getting a pitch from a company called Blackwood Productions about some SEO services that are supposed to greatly increase my organic traffic. Without going into all of the specifics, does anyone have experience with services from this company? I'm trying to decide whether this makes sense or not.


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asked Jan 14 '10 at 11:36
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  • If you're asking about the services of a specific company, I'd include their name in the question title. That said, I think you'd be better off searching for "Blackwood Productions" online and seeing if you can find reviews -- most of us here will have no idea who they are and what their services entail. It's not clear from your question if you've asked them what you're asking us. Or if you've asked them for references, and for examples of keywords they've optimized client sites for and statistics on traffic they've received. All of that said, from their site, I don't find them credible. – Jay Neely 14 years ago
  • Jay - thanks. I think the recommendation to try and find reviews online is probably the best approach. Appreciate it. – Chris 14 years ago

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I don't know Blackwood Productions but I'd be highly skeptical of any company promising that. Ask for references.

answered Jan 15 '10 at 04:14
Bob Walsh
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There are many groups which will tell you they can greatly increase your traffic. The challenge is sorting out which are "all hat, no cattle" and which are actually "cattle".

My suggestion is to structure an agreement so that you only pay if they do help you achieve a dramatic increase in the right kind of traffic. In other words, if they are as good as they tell you they are - great - everyone wins. If not, you're not out any cash.

answered Jan 15 '10 at 06:04
Warren E. Hart
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