Should you show more then one payment durations on SaaS checkout pages?


On my SaaS app, I currently only have a recurring monthly option.

Should I also add yearly and quarterly payment options (and offer customers a small discount if they pick one of those)?

One clear benefit of doing so would be getting more instant cash flow. Another would be "locking customers in" for a longer time period and reducing churn.

One possible downside would be that showing three options would clutter the UI and lower conversion rates.

Payments Saas Money Discounts

asked Sep 3 '14 at 20:28
Joyce Mc Clellan
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So many other SaaS sites offer multiple durations, so I wouldn't think that you are cutting new ground here (but cannot be sure without knowing your market).

Off the top: Have you asked your (current) customers? Captured those who haven't didn't sign up and ask them? Instrumented your signout page to determine dropoff rates? Have a free trial option, then poll those who didn't sign up?

Only way to know if your conversion rates will be impacted is to do A/B tests with your particular case and see the results.

answered Sep 7 '14 at 15:12
Jim Galley
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Payments Saas Money Discounts