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We are trying to come with some names for our new startup, and wondering if a multiword name is better than a single word names?

The startup is going to be focusing on food/cooking. Some of the multiword names could

  • A handful of salt
  • A bowlful of goodness
  • Fantastic Food

I think that five words is probably the limit, otherwise it gets too cumbersome.

Branding Naming Name

asked Sep 2 '11 at 08:05
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  • I wouldn't use salt, that ingredient's taking a bad rap in the social market these days. How about: Delicious Pinch? Taking "a pinch of delicious" and condensing it for brevity and title density. – Sold Out Activist 13 years ago

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I wrote this in reply to another question, but it's still relevant here:

Igor, a naming and branding agency, has an excellent 122 page guide on
creating product and company names. They rightly call the process
"building the perfect beast".

"The best product and company names require the least advertising.
They are advertisements."

A name can be a lot of things, but more than anything else it should
strive to be unique, memorable, and also reflect the spirit/culture of
the company or product.

Personally, I'd say the shorter the better for the simple reason that it'll be both easier to get across and to remember.
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  • +1 thanks for the link, @alex. I shall check it out. – Tehnyit 13 years ago


Single Word Names are much easier to remember specially if the name is really catchy, sticks to your head and really reflects your idea or product.

If you need Business and Startup Name Suggestions, you could also try Name generating tools and Crowdsourcing Websites

answered Sep 8 '11 at 09:05
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